Travel Tips for Healthy Teeth

Vacation time is here, and you are ready to go. But are your teeth? Remember these tips to keep your teeth safe and your smile bright for all those touristy photos. Toothbrush Storage: Storing a toothbrush in open air is usually the best option--but when traveling, that’s not often possible. It is more important when traveling to protect your toothbrush... read more »

Low pH Means High Acidity, Which Causes Tooth Decay

If a substance is said to have low pH, then that means the acidity is high. The lower the pH level, the higher the acidity. Thus, foods with very low pH levels are often more dangerous for your tooth enamel. For instance, sour candy has some of the lowest pH levels in the entire food and snack industry. Studies have... read more »

Enjoy October Smiles

Along with Halloween, October is National Dental Hygiene month! At Premier Dental Care in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are excited to share the message of Do The Daily 4, which are the four most important things you can do every day to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dr. Marla Wilson and our team want to create oral health awareness for our... read more »