OzoneOzone therapy is used to destroy pathogenic organisms and treat common dental problems, including cavities, gum disease and periodontal disease, and for preventative therapy — without side effects. Premier Dental Care uses ozone to treat patients without interfering with other medications or disorders, and without side effects. Whether you are visiting our dentist for periodontal, restorative or pathological treatment, this holistic procedure can help you recover.

Ozone molecules can be produced by an ozone generator, or naturally by sunlight. Each molecule is made up of three conjoined oxygen atoms. These atoms react and split when they interact with any contaminants. This reaction helps reduce air-borne infection by allowing the atoms to change or destroy the contaminant as they come into contact with it. Once the reaction process has finished, extra ozone will break down into pure oxygen. This helps make sure the treatment is safe and environmentally-friendly.

Because ozone is made up of oxygen, with just an additional electron, it can break down easily into oxygen. Infection can cause deficiencies that can be effectively treated with the “oxidative” effect of ozone as it releases electrons. Find out how Dr. Marla Wilson, our dentist, can help you fully recover from your dental procedure using ozone therapy in Indianapolis, Indiana. Give us a call today at 317-787-6625 for an appointment with our alternative dental practice!