At Premier Dental Care, it is important to us that we treat the entire patient and their overall wellbeing instead of just treating a single part of the body and its symptoms. That’s why our dentist, Dr. Marla Wilson, and her team provide holistic dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana. We make an effort to make sure all materials and equipment used are compatible with your body and don’t cause any allergic or toxic reactions.

We are also proud to be a green, environmentally friendly office, using digital X-rays to reduce radiation exposure by 90% and meticulously making sure that all materials are used and disposed of in the proper way. For dentistry that is better for you, your body and the environment, please call our dental office today at 317-787-6625 to learn more about our holistic and green dentistry.

Serum Biocompatibility Testing

In some circumstances, we like to make sure that we have assessed your individual needs more thoroughly and ensure that any materials used are compatible with your body chemistry. We use the Clifford Compatibility Test can draw a small amount of blood which is sent to the testing center in Colorado where skilled technicians will examine the IgE and IgA antibody reactions of your blood with over 5000 different dental materials. This allows us to be completely certain that we are only using materials in your treatment that will not provoke harmful allergic reactions or undue sensitivity.