As a patient, you want a dentist like Dr. Marla Wilson and her team, who are focused and dialed into the work they are doing, giving your mouth and your general oral health the full attention they deserve. But you as a patient, might not want to be overly concerned with what is happening on your mouth, preferring to divert your attention elsewhere for a more relaxing time in the dental chair. At Premier Dental Care we offer you a seamless and soothing experience at our office, using the TLC System. The TLC System is a versatile system comprised of a high-definition monitor for patients as well as bright operating lights to illuminate your smile for the benefit of our dental team.

On this monitor, you can calmly view the video entertainment of your choice while our team is working on your mouth, as well as images and videos from intraoral cameras, X-rays, and other diagnostic or educational materials to give you a clearer understanding of your condition whenever necessary. To learn more about the entertainment and educational benefits of our alternative dental care and TLC System in Indianapolis, Indiana, please give our team a call now at 317-787-6625 with any questions. Have a more relaxing and informed dental experience with us today.