Travel Tips for Healthy Teeth

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Vacation time is here, and you are ready to go. But are your teeth? Remember these tips to keep your teeth safe and your smile bright for all those touristy photos.

Toothbrush Storage: Storing a toothbrush in open air is usually the best option–but when traveling, that’s not often possible. It is more important when traveling to protect your toothbrush from cross-contamination than it is to have it in open air. Try putting it in a zip-top plastic bag for traveling, then air it out at your hostel or hotel when you can. Don’t forget to pack your floss!

Bottled Water: If you are in an area with dubious water purity, be sure to brush with bottled water. If contaminated water gets on your toothbrush, buy a new one! If you can’t, scrub your toothbrush thoroughly with bottled water, or throw it away and use the tips below.

Forgotten Toothbrush: If you have forgotten your toothbrush and cannot buy another right away, rinse your mouth vigorously with clean water to remove food particles. If needed, you may also put a small amount of toothpaste on a clean towel or a finger and brush that way. Be sure to still floss once a day. When you are able to buy a new brush, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. If there is no seal to be found, choose the softest toothbrush you can locate.

Pack Your Gum: Make sure to pack some ADA approved sugarless gum for your travels. Chewing gum can keep you from snacking unnecessarily, protecting your teeth from prolonged contact with sugars and starches that feed bacteria and cause cavities. Chewing gum for 20 minutes after a meal also helps clean the mouth by stimulating saliva production.

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