Do You Dread the Dental Office? If So, Here is Some Information that Can Help You Feel Better

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Sometimes the dental office can be a scary place for many. However, at Premier Dental Care, our dental team works hard to help you have the best dental experience possible. To help you feel at ease before you come to our office, Dr. Marla Wilson would be happy to tell you about how we can help you.

The first thing we do is use pain-free injections. The injections are pain-free because we numb the gums before we insert the needle. The numbing agent is usually an anesthetic gel, rinse, or spray. This can make it so you won’t feel a thing when your dentist gives you a shot to further numb your mouth.

The second thing we do is try to give you a spa-like experience, which means we do all we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. This can be from providing a comfortable and relaxing waiting room to letting you listen to music or watch movies during your treatment.

The third thing we do is provide a dental sedative if necessary. This is usually nitrous oxide, which is also called laughing gas. When you’re about to start treatment, our dental team will place an oxygen mask over your nose and will ask you to breathe deeply. As you inhale the nitrous oxide, you will begin to feel relaxed and carefree.

To learn more about how to feel more comfortable at the dental office in Indianapolis, Indiana, please call Premier Dental Care at 317-787-6625 today and talk to a member of our dental team!