Try Zoom! Whitening for a Shining Smile

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The perks of Zoom! whitening contain some magnificent treatments that will particularly assist your smile. In fact, Zoom! whitening is the best professional whitening treatment on the market. Here are some tips and benefits to consider:

– A normal Zoom! whitening treatment only takes about an hour, but can radically improve the color of your teeth.

– Thousands of customers have tested the safety and effectiveness of Zoom! Whitening and have been thrilled with their results.

– Dr. Marla Wilson can offer you a Zoom! whitening kit to use at home to touch up any spots that need additional treatment.

– After a Zoom! whitening, your teeth can be stained once again, so use products that can once again discolor them with care. Drink beverages like coffee, tea, wine, or dark sodas with a straw to avoid contact with teeth, and rinse your mouth with water after meals.

– Zoom! whitening’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. This will infiltrate the tooth enamel and remove the internal stains of a tooth without any damage.

– Zoom! can eliminate stains created by age, tea, coffee, tobacco, soft drinks, wines, beets, juices, and many other substances.

If you want to know if Zoom! Whiteners are for you, don’t hesitate to set an appointment with Dr. Marla Wilson and the team at Premier Dental Care at our dentist office in Indianapolis, Indiana, by calling us at 317-787-6625. Let our team help you get your brightest smile today!