Do Your Front Teeth Need Aligning? MTM® Clear Aligners Can Help!

What happens if your front teeth are crooked, but the rest of your smile is fine? If you are looking for an alignment system that doesn't involve all of your pearly whites, MTM® Clear Aligner system can accomplish this. Our Premier Dental Care team is excited to offer these innovative aligners for our patients. Dr. Marla Wilson in Indianapolis, Indiana... read more »

Six Month Smiles® Are Here to Align Your Smile

At Premier Dental Care located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Marla Wilson and our team are excited to offer Six Month Smiles® for our patients looking for an attractively aligned smile. If you are looking to align your front teeth, or have mild crowding or slight spacing between your teeth, you may be a good candidate for the Six Month Smiles System. Six... read more »