Optimal Flossing Methods for Healthy Teeth

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Optimal flossing methods are an essential aspect of a good oral hygiene routine. The more you can do to advance your cleaning habits, specifically your brushing and flossing routines, the better the chance that your smile will flourish.

The first step is to simply ensure that you floss every single day. It is necessary that you do not skip this step of your routine.

Secondly, use the right type of dental floss for your personal needs. You’ll definitely want shred-resistant floss. If it’s difficult for you to use regular floss because of weak muscles, coordination or braces, consider floss pickers or a water flosser.

When using traditional dental floss, the optimum strand length is around 16 to 20 inches long. To avoid contamination, use a different part of the strand between each tooth. Clean between each tooth and behind the teeth in the back row. Use a new strand for each new flossing session.

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