Information About Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments

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Are you suffering from jaw pain? Do you ever have signs or symptoms that you believe are linked to injuries within your jaw? Typically, jaw pain and facial pain include headaches, increased jaw sensitivity, increased pain in and around your ear, and facial swelling.

If jaw pain exists and is not treated, various skills and functions of your mouth may suffer. It may be more difficult to chew, speak, or eat food properly if your jaw is not in superb condition. If you do have any signs of jaw pain, visit our dentist for a detailed oral examination to determine the cause of your jaw pain.

In many instances, jaw pain is the result of toothaches, infections, oral accidents, oral health ailments, or health disorders. Two of the most prevalent causes of jaw pain include bruxism and TMJ disorders. Depending on your level of pain and disorder, medications, pain relievers, mouth guards, and holistic treatments can be prescribed to improve your oral health condition.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a jaw pain treatment. If you would like to know if you need our aid, please book an oral exam with Dr. Marla Wilson and our team at Premier Dental Care at our dentist office in Indianapolis, Indiana, by calling us at 317-787-6625. Come see us, and let us show you the benefits of a healthier jaw and smile today!